26 Jul 2005 @ 4:17 PM 

Konfabulator was bought by Yahoo, so now it’s free. I played with it yesterday, but I’m not sure it’s really much use for me. Maybe if I was anal about the statistics of my system, or if I didn’t have an RSS reader already, or if I cared what my internal IP address was (it’s static to the router)… well, I don’t see much use for my system, but here’s what my desktop looked like after playing with it for a while:


Posted By: Gary
Last Edit: 26 Jul 2005 @ 04:17 PM

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  1. Lysa says:

    I have three thoughts about this.
    1) Who’s the hottie with the “handful” in the bottom corner?
    2) You have WAY more icons on your desktop than I could ever tolerate. Doesn’t all that clutter bother you?
    3) What the dickens is that thing depicted on the wallpaper?

  2. Gary says:

    1 – That would be the lovely Short N Sassy

    2 – I actually nuked a bunch of them since taking that screenshot, mostly the games (I play a few but no need to have all of them on my desktop) and the media management stuff.

    3 – That is from Dr Who concept art. 🙂

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