09 Jun 2005 @ 6:18 PM 

Ang’s Rio Chiba, after getting a replacement batter cover, appears to be suffering from a well known defect – its circuit boards are somehow not lining up right and this causes it to be stuck trying to upgrade its firmware (which is the most current version thank you very much). Naturally, the player has a 90 day warranty (the shortest in the industry) and it’s 6 months old.

It’s too bad this is such a delicate player, since it was so neato. Anyone know of a durable flash-based MP3 player? Cheap is good. 🙂

Update: Thanks for all the suggestions, but the board is physically loose, so no amount of reflashing the firmware or reseating the battery will help. The actual printed circuit boards are disconnected in a physical electrical way.

Posted By: Gary
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  1. ap says:

    Ever try fixing the player, all you do is take it apart and put it back together. And to answer your question, a Rio Forge.

  2. Gary says:

    I’ve taken it apart and played with the circuit boards a few times. Each time, the player works wonderfully, so long as I don’t reassemble it. As soon as I put the SD card back into its slot, UPGRADER.

    I’m a little wary of Rio’s flash-based devices now. I’ve got a RioVolt (very first model) that has worked fantastically for five years. I’ve got a Rio Karma that has worked pretty darned well for 3 months. The Rio Chiba has an infamous problem that requires surgery that may or may not work. Not happy with that.

  3. Bob says:

    I’ve had the Rio Chiba for 6 months and mine problems started with it not wanting to turn off. I tried everything on the support site and now along with not turning off, I have no tracks on the unit and it won’t allow me to transfer any as well. Firmware has been flashed and reflashed. Calling support only got me frustrated as I can get my 6 month old unit replaced with a refub for 50 bucks. What a deal, “NOT”.

  4. Ipso says:

    My referb rio chiba had the same problem. To fix, I removed the battery. Reseated the battery and reapplied the firmware upgrade. It erases the previous attempt to upgrade, reinstalls the firmware, and formats the memory.

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