17 Jun 2004 @ 4:29 PM 

Anyone a member of Orkut that wants to invite me in? I have a pathological need to find out what it’s all about. 🙂

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 17 Jun 2004 @ 10:34 AM 

Sixapart is once again Announcing Pricing & Licensing Changes to Movable Type. Go figure. I don’t see a huge difference, myself. With a paid license, you no longer have any limits on number of weblogs created, but there are author limits. With the free version, you’re still limited to *one* author, which seems silly for many people.

I only have one person authoring anything on my site, but that depends on your definition of site. I host “Lysa”:http://lysa.andysocial.com as well, so does she count as another author and weblog? Or, would she count as a separate installation? It’s kind of irrelevent to me now, since I’ve moved to the Open Source “WordPress”:http://www.wordpress.org for my weblog.

My biggest heartache with the pricing scheme they have at Sixapart is this: one piece of software costs different amounts for different people. It’s the same bundle of code, yet if it’s used by one person it’s free, by two people it’s 70 bucks, and by six people it’s a hundred bucks. Why?

Again I look at other software and think, “huh?” If I buy Adobe Photoshop, it costs the same for me to use it or for me and five other people to use it, on a single installation. It’s the number of installations that matter, not the number of users.

Posted By: Gary
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