07 Jul 2002 @ 4:21 PM 

Here is what I want for my birthday. It is only two weeks away, so get hopping!

Or, if you want to “surprise” me, check out Amazon for my wishlist.

Hey, it’s worth a shot!
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 05 Jul 2002 @ 12:21 PM 

Latest Friday Five

  1. Where are you right now? At my computer, duh. At home.
  2. What have you lost recently?My life.
  3. What was the first CD you purchased? Does it embarass you now? I have no idea. Maybe LL Cool J or Prince. Not embarassed.
  4. What is your favorite kind of writing pen? As opposed to a pig pen I suppose. Parker, chrome, with a pressurized black refill.
  5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Festivus, the Ben & Jerry’s flavor only available during December and inspired by a Seinfeld episode.


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 01 Jul 2002 @ 6:29 PM 

I added a new page of photos to the site, this time from my trip to Biosphere2. There are only a few photos up right now, but more will follow as I resize them and get a round tuit.
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