26 Jul 2002 @ 1:51 PM 

So John Entwistle had a horse-load of cocaine in his system, but it was not an overdose? At what point does it become an overdose, as opposed to a heart attack exacerbated by drug use?
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 26 Jul 2002 @ 10:01 AM 

OK, anyone in Germany needs to go help out the tourist industry of Munich. Go do your civic duty, and get naked!

My favorite quote:

“We’ve lost many of the nudists who made the English Garden a special place,” said park director Thomas Koester. “Especially good-looking young women and men who made it such an attraction aren’t here as much anymore. It’s becoming a real problem.”

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Posted By: Gary
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 26 Jul 2002 @ 6:46 AM 

After a month of it sitting in my cupboard, I finally used some of the “Killer Bee” honey mustard I bought in Bisbee.

Slathered it on a cheap steak, and marinated it with a little soy sauce for a couple hours. Yeah, that was a good idea. Turned out awesome. Big ol’ loaded baked potato with it, and a nice Gamay Beaujolais…

Next up, raspberry honey mustard on salmon. Mmmm….
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Posted By: Gary
Last Edit: 26 Jul 2002 @ 06:46 AM

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