16 Apr 2000 @ 4:36 PM 

Sunday –

Playing with cool toys some more this weekend. I’ve got some visualization plugins for XMMS that are pretty weird. Here’s a screenshot of one hiding between Gkrellm and the WM Dock. I’ve got a bunch of Plugins running here: Waterfall, Synaesthasia, BlurScope, GDancer (with the Penguin addon), and KJofol. Naturally, I’ve got a lower-res version for you poor souls with small monitors. 🙂

The quest to pipe a playlist to the CD-R was solved by a Linux hacker on one of my mailing lists. All is right with the world. Here’s the secret: The "for" loop in the BASH shell doesn’t care about the standard quote method of using long filenames. Since BASH chokes on long filenames, it wouldn’t handle the standard method of sending MP3s to the CD-R. But, a geek sent in the following redefinition of the IFS variable that does the trick.
IFS=$(echo -en nt)
Once you type in that line, you can pipe the FOR loop to the recorder and it works fine. Assuming you’re using a terminal from within X, just close the term window and you’ll reset the IFS variable back to normal. Magic, eh?

Posted By: Gary
Last Edit: 04 Jun 2004 @ 05:06 PM

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