21 Feb 2000 @ 4:31 PM 

Monday –

Well, I haven’t done a lot with this webpage stuff lately, eh? Mainly, that’s due to my extreme business, but a little laziness goes along with it.

The course I’m currently teaching is supposed to be replaced within a few weeks, and we finally got around to working on the new course just a short while ago. Not my fault, but it became partially my problem, natch. So, I’ve been teaching and working on that, while attempting to continue my Linux studies, and looking at my looming ETS (date I get out of the military) and worrying if I’ll get a good job next year.

Click to see full imageIn the midst of this, I felt it was a good idea to post something new anyway. So, here’s a screenshot of my Linux desktop. I’ve not done much in Windows lately, so I thought I’d show off what I actually use most now. Among the icons, you’ll see Netscape, RealPlayer, and GAIM, as well as SETI@Home. On the dock, besides my usual toys, I’ve added a network watcher, so I know when my coworker is sending me more files to burn onto CDR, and I condensed a bunch of icons into that little buttonpack on the top. And, because Linux users have to watch what their system is doing in the background (don’t know why, it’s in the rulebook), I’ve added a little program called rt that outputs my access and message logs right on my wallpaper (oops, Root Window).

So, what do you think? Have I gone overboard, or just developed a clean workspace with enough toys to keep me occupied? I believe I’ve struck a balance. 🙂

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