VDay 2011

[Ed: in case it’s not obvious from the “posted by” tag, this is written by Kat.¬†Gary does not speak of himself in the third person frequently.]

From the red token on my purse from the Winchester museum to my entire left arm commemorating our honeymoon (and in many incarnations in between), I have never wanted to celebrate a relationship so fanatically. The funny bit is, I don’t need reminders of the good times. They are all good times. My behavior simply demonstrates my constant joy. To prove his awesomeness even further, he is making one of my favorite meals tonight: an In-n-Out Double Double animal style¬†with onion rings. Nothing says love like an In-n-Out animal burger. I love you! Go Bearcat! CAn2!

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Kat is the vivacious and amusing spouse of BunkBlog's eponymous founder. When not making the rare appearance on BunkBlog, she can be found teaching art, making art, taking care of animals, or teaching about animals.

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