Patty Melts Are Awesome

In previous installments of “Gary cooks whatever Kenji does,” we’ve tried the Double-Double Animal Style and some sliders. The latest was the patty melt. I’m a big fan of patty melts, so making them at home with two kinds of cheese seemed like a winner of a plan. They were yummy, and the onions ended up so caramelized they stuck in my teeth like the halloween candy we’re noshing on this week.

In a stunning upset, the sliders remain as Kat’s #2 choice of the three, while the Double-Double of course reigns supreme.  The Boy and I both prefer patty melts over sliders, but agree with Judge #1 that In-N-Out rocks, even in clone form.

Maybe I’ll try that Roast Beef Poboy next, that looks like an interesting sandwich…

3 thoughts on “Patty Melts Are Awesome

  1. Kat

    Oh okay- roast beef po-boys it is…. Why must I suffer through all these delicious experiments? xxxxooooo

  2. Rosanne

    Sometime when you don’t feel like cooking, try the patty melt over at the Cork & Pig. Just thinking about it makes me hungry… and they ASK how you want it cooked. No running through the “Could you possibly…?” “No.”


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