Recipes Suck

Jose Andres writes recipes that only he can make. Not only are there ingredients that nobody has heard of, but his instructions are just plain wrong. I’m making flan, and I tried to follow his instructions for the caramel sauce but eventually I fell asleep.  OK, not really, but he seems to have a vastly different stove than I’ve ever seen. He says you can melt sugar on low in five minutes. On low?  HAH! After changing the temperature frequently, it still took me twenty minutes for a cup of sugar to melt in a small pan. Low? Bite me, Jose.

We’ll see how the custard turns out tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Recipes Suck”

  1. I don’t think timing has an impact on sugar melting, all else being equal. I think it’s all about temperature. Once the sugar itself reaches a certain temp, it melts. Once it reaches another certain temp, it burns. Whether that happens over an hour, or in a fraction of a second, I don’t think there’s a chemical difference. Now, once you start adding other ingredients, game on…

  2. Yeah, I definitely think the temperature needs to be higher than “low” to melt sugar. Maybe if I wanted to warm corn syrup…

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