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Spreading a meme

Shamelessly ripped off from :

According to the latest Afrobarometer, there’s a growing nostalgia for the days of apartheid in South Africa.

The rise in pro-apartheid sentiments among blacks could reflect both the growing income inequalities within South Africa’s black community — where many have actually grown poorer since the end of apartheid — as well as difficulties in dealing with government bureaucracy.

Surprisingly, even the number of blacks who can think of positive elements of apartheid has grown. 20% of blacks (contrasted with 65% of whites) think that the country was run better 10 years ago.

Christmas Nonsense

The radio the other day had an entertaining piece about bad presents. They started with lists of things to never get for men/women, then asked for examples of other things not on the lists.

So, LJ friends and strangers, I ask you:

What is the worst present you have received from a close friend or relation?

Of course you get bad presents from people who barely know you, but folks that should know better sometimes give you crap. What’s a good one from your past?
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