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Easily ignored. :-)

Userpics and boobies

Now, this is unexpected. For the first time in over a year, the “Lianna” directory isn’t getting the most traffic on my site. While I have a directory dedicated to storing the pictures of naked people from last Christmas, that only got 3.29% of the traffic in the past 2 weeks. The directory holding the userpics I’ve designed for and , on the other hand, has served up 36.61% of the bytes this fortnight.

Who would have thought: people want animated pictures of Gwen Stefani more than they want nekkid boobies. Amazing!
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Site Reorg

I rearranged the Icons page, adding a frameset for ease of navigation. The pictures are still in the same places, but I plan to move them next week to subdirectories.

MINOR Site update

New Page of icons. Here’s a central place to view all the icons I’ve made for folks so far. I’m pretty sure the Strawberry Shortcake one was a request, but I can’t find for whom. The morphing Jack-to-Sally ones belong to as soon as she picks one of them.

Oh, and that page is freakishly slow to load on a dialup, since most of the icons are just barely under the 40k limit.


According to the new stats page on my site, the most popular search term is Rachbomb, finally beating out “smallest penis ever seen”. Bunch of damned perverts, I swear…
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Web Hosting

Anyone have a good webhost suggestion? Mine (Virtualave) seems to be a little flaky at times. Currently, any externally linked file returns a 403 (Forbidden) error, although no such error was in evidence yesterday.

This may seem reasonable, if there were banner ads on my site that subsidized my bandwidth usage. There aren’t. I pay for my hosting, there are no ads that I’m circumventing by posting a picture of a cake on my LJ, and I even pay for excess bandwidth usage (3 bucks last month, a bit more this month).

So, I’m considering moving to a different host, if the spurious 403 error becomes a corporate policy instead of a bug. Let me know what’s a good, relatively cheap host. I’m paying about US$100/year now.

Update: Virtualave, with no email yet in response to my (quite bitchy) query into the reason for this random failure, has now resumed functioning normally with regard to external links. Whatever.
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Web page updates

I’ve posted the latest and greatest statistics for my website this weekend. Big news: folks from C|Net downloads are hitting my site more lately than folks from LiveJournal. Hmmmm…

In other web-building news, I’ve added a new Random Meandering Thought, this one a little anecdote about a really ballsy guy I knew a while back.

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New Stats

As promised (threatened?), I have a new, prettier stats page now.

Noticed another peculiarity: What the heck “browser” is Jennybot? Is Jennifer Ringley sending out her robotic minions? hehe
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Useless Website updates

OK, how’s this for a completely pointless website update?

I’ve put my webcam back up, now that I’m done moving. The room that I’m using for my computer zone, though, is rather dim, so I end up with a weird-looking capture.

Naturally, I’m interested in how many people have gone to my stats page since I put it up. I’ll run a new batch of statistics this weekend, with a more graphically interesting Analog, and see.
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Weird LJ people

OK, now 70% of the hits on my site are on the Lianna XXXmas Archive. I’ve noticed a few things about LJ users while looking at my weblogs…

You are some Apple-using fools! I usually get more Linux users than Mac users, but today I’ve got about 20% of my hits from Macs. That’s odd.
You like 32-bit color, apparently, and 800×600 resolution. Don’t know why that is, except maybe the aforementioned Mac users being artsy-fartsy types. But, 800×600 res? Ick. At least use 1024×768. Geez.

Anyway, I’m well on my way to getting more traffic in the past 2 days than in the previous 2 weeks, so I hope you all like the rest of my little corner of the web too, and aren’t just looking for nekkid parts. If all you want is nudity, check out Daily Smut once a day (probably could have figured that out from the name, eh?).

Apple Nude Year…
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Domain finally moved!

Finally, my domain has been migrated to VirtualAve! Now my email will forward, my website will not 404, and all is right with the world.

Oh, and the cheesecake I’m baking smells AWESOME! 🙂
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Lost Site

Anyone looking for, please wait a day or so until all the Domain Name Servers have been populated. I’m changing to a new server, one with a good track record.

Freeservers sucks.
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Wacky web weirdness

Here’s a first: the Error404 page on my site has more hits than the index page. I know that MY links are all good, but I guess some folks can’t type…


Just checking out this new system. Let’s see how this looks.
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