Monthly Archives: May 2007

Fall TV Schedule

In good news, Heroes is definitely coming back next year (cliffhanger season finale tomorrow!). In stranger news, there will be a show based on the one-liner Geico caveman commercials. If you thought it was hard to stretch a Saturday Night Live character to a movie, imagine stretching a slightly-funny ad to an entire season of television.

CBS is going to add a reality show that has a bunch of kids creating an entire town with no adult supervision, but they are cancelling Jericho and The Class. Go figure. And, I’m annoyed that Fox is killing off The War at Home – there are far too few good comedies on television as it is. Guess they have to make room for more episodes of American Idol.

Looking like the DVR will have plenty of free space this fall.

Liberal Media Bias my …

Most headlines I’ve seen are trumpeting the second veto of President Bush’s 6+ years in office as him vetoing the “Iraq withdrawal bill” or “troop pullout bill.”  Strange how few of them (looking through Google News, um…ABC and VOA) call it the Emergency Spending Bill or Iraq War Funding Bill, which are also accurate (possibly more accurate) pseudonames for the thing.

The President has used every rhetorical trick in the book to make himself look principled on this, including asking all network television stations to carry his explanation this evening.  Is it really appalling that the only two vetos this man has on his record are for two things that a substantial majority of Americans oppose him on? Most people are in favor of increasing funding for stem cell research; the Religious Right oppose it so the President opposed it.  Most people are in favor of some form of drawdown in our failed adventure in Iraq; the Project for the New American Century is opposed to it so the President opposed it.

Two vetos, two statements to the American people that are equivalent to a pair of upraised middle fingers.  What a legacy.