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New Music Monday

Local radio station, which (like half the stations in the country) bills itself as “the best of the 80s 90s and today,” just announced it was New Music Monday.  The next two songs were Citizen King’s “Better Days” from 2000 and When in Rome’s “The Promise” from 1988.  Yeah.  New music.  *sigh*

Rogan and Mencia

Joe Rogan has a MySpace page, and a well-known dispute with Carlos Mencia. Understand, Carlos is actually Ned Holness, and is not Mexican. When put on the spot,, Holness will actually admit these things. Further, it is not a secret that he steals jokes from other comedians and uses them in his act. George Lopez says so, Joe Rogan says so, anyone who thinks they aren’t going to lose a career about it says so.
And that’s where it gets truly surreal. Since Joe Rogan has millions of dollars from doing NewsRadio and Fear Factor and Ultimate Fighting, he no longer needs to fear the loss of a gig.  He called out “Carlos Menstealia” when Rogan was leaving the stage at the Comedy Store last week. Pauly Shore (son of the owner) banned Rogan, even though there is video on the internet of about 8 different comedians agreeing that Mencia is a plagiarizing douchebag. Next chapter in the saga – Rogan and Mencia are both represented by the same talent agency. Well, they were yesterday.  Now, Mencia is represented by that agency.

This is some bizarre shit, but I love that Rogan has the balls and the security to actually stand up for something here. And the entertainment industry is just plain evil.

Petrified Paint

Playing with the geotag feature of Flickr, I came across this strange picture from my old stomping grounds at Fort Ord. This paint can apparently was left behind when the Army pulled out of the post in 1993. The photo was taken 13 years later, and the spill still has the illusion of freshness. Strange as heck.


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Well, that’s one benefit

One side benefit to living alone for five days a week, minus the cat (and thanks again for reminding me, Yahoo!, that Valentine’s Day is this week) – nobody complains about playing Plastic Bertrand’s Ca Plane Pour Moi at high volumes.

TINY Fly-in

We went to the indoor air show today. That’s a trip. I guess it’s pretty cool to have a large auditorium to use for radio-controlled airplanes, since the weather doesn’t always cooperate. It was very cool, especially seeing how homemade-looking some of the planes were. Lots of styrofoam and cardboard were in evidence, with a rare airplane that looked retail. There were even a couple of planes that looked like jets, but obviously weren’t. Their propellers were just well-disguised in the wings or in front of the tail. They bill it as the first annual, and if they make good on that, I’m sure we’ll hang out there again next year. What the heck, it’s free!


So, when the Democratic minority threatened a filibuster against something of importance, like the lifetime appointment of a candidate they found objectionable, that’s an unprecedented[1] abuse of procedural rules and the minority should just shut up and color, straight up-or-down vote time. When the Republican minority filibusters[2] a non-binding resolution with as much importance as declaring today National Chocolate Day, it’s perfectly reasonable, even though it ends with the sponsor of the bill voting against it? Seriously, flip flop?

[1] This word, I do not think it means what you think it means.
[2] Not threatens, actually blocks a vote.