OK, we have a house. It’s amazing, I was beginning to doubt whether this would actually happen, but we are now living in our new house. We got all the heavy stuff and most of the other stuff moved today, and appliances and living room furniture delivered right on time. Woohoo!

Now we have to unpack those 8 million boxes, try to organize things in some coherent fashion, and I have to go to Omaha on Tuesday. Omaha, again…


Conversation that spread over 8 days, compressed for your viewing pleasure:

You need to send us these documents, some of which don’t exist on earth.
-OK, I'll make something up
*Dead Silence*
-Did you get the documents?
Yeah, and there are problems we weren’t going to mention until it was too late for you to get the mortgage approved.
-Great, so what's the problem this time, jerkwad?
We need a deferrment letter that states 12 months

-Here it is. Now what?
Great, but we meant 12 months from next week, not 12 months as any reasonable loan company defines time.
-Let me reach through the phone and strangle your stupid ass

Morons should not be allowed to handle money outside of a McDonald’s.