Next Baking Event

I’m thinking a double batch of baklava for January’s big event, but I’m flexible. Maybe several kinds of cookies instead. Or a super-duper cheesecake.

In other news, my cow-orkers really need to stop trying to interest me in inane chatter. Interesting conversation, I’m all over. Crap about sports or local “celebrities” – please make it stop.

Thank you, please drive through.

Black Forest Cake

My annual (or so) Black Forest Cake is online for viewing. We only gave half of it away this time. Oh, yeah, semester break is gonna be pigout time.

Of course, this photo was taken before Alex picked all the cherries off the top. Little monkey.


Alex has occasional potluck shindigs at his daycare. This week, of course, was in honor of Thanksgiving. Most of the parents pick up something from the grocery store on the way in that morning. We, of course, don’t do that as a rule (one time we signed up for the potato chips, but just once!). We made cranberry cinnamon rolls in big Christmas tree shaped arrangements. 16 rolls per tree, and little candied cherries for ornaments with icing garland.

I guess they liked them, since we only got 3 back of 31 (we swiped one – phbt!). Now, we need to make more. Nobody else is getting any of this batch! And maybe I’ll take some pictures. Definitely going to take pictures of the cranberry cheesecake I’ll be putting together tonight for tomorrow’s gathering at my father-in-law’s house.

As my old buddy Cory would say, a celebration of excess; gotta love America.

That’s What a Hamburger is All About

I fully intend to go to In n Out at least once on the Great Californian Trip next summer. Looking at their nutritional information, it might be only once. They’re not as bad as Burger King with their 1200 calorie Double Whopper, but one meal is a day’s supply of calories and a couple days worth of fat. Geez.

Add it up:

* Double Double 670 Calories
* Fries 400
* Chocolate shake 690 (!)

That’s 1760 calories for one meal. I won’t get a Double Double, because I can never finish one, but even dropping down to a cheeseburger only loses 190 calories.

I hate being aware of what I eat – it’s no fun.

More food

Further adventures in culinary achievement…

One more experiment down, Hasselback Potatoes last night. They turned out ok, but not really worth the time it took to make them. This is actually about the same as the Orange Marsala Hens, which were quite yummy, but not appreciably better than the $5 whole roasted chicken from the local grocery store.

On the up side, the raspberry cheesecake brownies are fantastic, and a big hit at work today.


I’ve been making recipes from a magazine I’ve recently subscribed to. Last night, meatball subs with homemade (baked!) meatballs. They were quite yummy and about 18 pounds per sandwich. Tonight, we had steak grillades on pepperjack noodles. Tomorrow, orange marsala hens.

I’m very happy with my cooking this week. 🙂