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My Kindle is arriving this afternoon, but all the techie ereader blogs are talking about the updated Nook Color firmware/software. I particularly enjoy the idea that $250 is “cheap” in most of the writers’ minds. Sure, if you’re comparing the Nook Color to an iPad or Xoom, $250 is cheaper. But, if you’re comparing it to the new ad-supported Kindle ($114) which starts shipping this weekend, no – it’s not. It’s kind of cool to watch the development of new Android tablets and near-tablets, though. I leave you with this quote from a recent review of the updated Nook:

At $249, the Nook ColorĀ is almost an impulse buy. [ed: poor impulse control?]

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  1. Re impulse control – well, yeah… the idea of running Honeycomb on a $250 quasi-tablet is appealing.

    I’m tempted. But my netbook is portable and does everything I routinely need – reads all e-book formats, runs Flash, runs Java, current browsers, etc, etc.


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