Closing Gitmo

In order to complete the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison, the Obama administration has proposed moving any “too dangerous to release but somehow we have no evidence of a crime” prisoners to Thomson Prison in Illinois. Because Congress forbade the Executive branch from using any funds to release prisoners in the United States, they’ll just keep them locked up forever.

Many people found it extremely distasteful that the Bush administration went through such lengths to find a location which was outside any jurisdiction in Guantanamo. Gitmo is not in the USA, so domestic laws don’t apply, but it’s not under Cuban jurisdiction either, so nobody rules there except by force of arms. Now, the great hope for change has proposed moving that extra-legal jurisdiction to the United States mainland. How can there be any justification for keeping dozens of prisoners under indefinite detention within our country? Gitmo was a stretch. Illinois is just venal political bullshit.

Change you can believe in.

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4 thoughts on “Closing Gitmo”

  1. “not being tryable either in federal courts or in military commissions” and not in the category that gets transferred “to our friends or allies overseas”. If we can’t try ’em, we shouldn’t keep them. And we certainly shouldn’t release them HERE, after making sure that they hate us.

    I don’t like the idea of shipping them home, but it’s either that or just shoot them, which isn’t exactly cricket, either.

    We screwed up. We have to fix it. There’s got to be a fund for that somewhere… I mean, we do it so OFTEN.

  2. If you wander around a bit online, you can find a letter that the DoD wrote to Congressman Kirk (IL), in which they say quite plainly that they only intend to bring to trial suspects that they are certain to convict. How does this resemble anything like a justice system?

  3. Ah, but “they” were then the EVIL Bush administration, and we all know that Obama is completely unlike Bush. He spoke quite eloquently about the rule of law and the ability to do things legally, within the accepted framework of established jurisprudence. Oh, that was candidate Obama – obviously a completely different guy.

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