EEEEEE! Er, I Mean, Eee

From Kat:

Although my husband pretends to object to both a dateversary and an anniversary, I still make out like a bandit on both days. Our anniversary is October 31st, while our dateversary is May 14th. 2 years ago on May 14th we met for the first time. All has been perfect ever since. Still no fights, no name-calling, no belittling- It’s bliss with an excess of smooching and cuddling.

We had a 50$ limit for our gift exchange. I bought him two books, a shirt, a Cross pen and pencil set and a gorilla tripod for the camera. He got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers AND A NETBOOK. Obviously he added a zero to our money limit. It is an Asus Eee in blue. I also got a remote mouse and a fabulous carrying case. Love Rocks! Thank you Gary.

Editor’s note: date-aversery is not and should never be a word.  Webster said so. I’ll go along with the day though.

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Kat is the vivacious and amusing spouse of BunkBlog's eponymous founder. When not making the rare appearance on BunkBlog, she can be found teaching art, making art, taking care of animals, or teaching about animals.

3 thoughts on “EEEEEE! Er, I Mean, Eee”

  1. Kat, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but…

    Gary is wrong :o)

    Happy Date-versary!


    ~ Rosanne

  2. I would like to point out that I ordered the netbook without realizing the mythical date-aversary was going to occur at the time the package arrived. Serendipity.

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