‘Fantasy Island’ star Ricardo Montalban died this morning.  One of the most surreal memories I have of Montalban was in 1994.  Driving around the desert of southeastern Arizona in a friend’s sports car (incredibly unwise in an Arizona August), listening to Ricardo Montalban on the radio. Montalban was reciting the history of the border region, including the phrase indelibly etched in my brain, “The seven cities of Cibola,” in that rich baritone.

Goodbye, Mr. Roark.

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One thought on “Khaaaaaaaaaan!”

  1. Awww… I wish I had heard that. When I was in high school Spanish class, they played a commercial he did – ” y debe ver lo que han hecho con mi carro!” (…and you should see what they’ve done to my car!).

    Maybe NPR will play some of his work. Sometimes they do.

    ~ Rosanne

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