The movie Expelled is coming out in just over a week. According to every reviewer who isn’t an right-wing fundamentalist, it sucks. Of course, I assume it will play here in San Angelo (as seen on “FLDS Watch”!), because we always get that stuff. Have fun with the reviews on Expelled Exposed – the reviews are pretty entertaining. Heck, even Fox News didn’t like it; I’m pretty sure that’s the target demo.

4 thoughts on “Expelled

  1. truth spreader

    Smells like they’re burning the witches again. not to mention that it was legal in Utah for 14 yrs old to marry (with parental consent) until about 2 yrs ago when the lesbians, feminists and their enablers got attorney general mark “zeig heil” shurtleff to raise the age.

    oppressors always resort to making the religion of their enemies a crime. Isn’t that what happened in babylon under nebachadnezer? weren’t the jews almost exterminated because they refused to worhip the king ahead of god?

    if it was okay to marry a 14 year old two years ago then it is okay today–the only thing that has changed is that the lesbians and feminist managed to amend the marriage statute. well…it is time to amend it back.

  2. Gary Post author

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. Maybe I should have left this comment in “spam” like it was…

  3. Rosanne

    I dunno – I find it moderately entertaining. Especially when you extend ?his? argument to other stuff that used to be legal in America, but now isn’t. Bought any slaves lately? Oh, I forgot – they outlawed that after the War of Northern Aggression 😀

  4. lysa

    Who does that freak think originally burned the witches? Umm, could it be, THE ANCESTORS OF THE CREATIONISTS?? I think the lesbians need to burn HIM at the stake.


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