6 thoughts on “More Fun”

  1. And what, pray tell is that? Or is this another one of those “dust off the little used LJ password and read that blog” sort of things? 🙂

    PS: is it possible to run an RSS feed from an MT blog to MySpace?

  2. Nokia N770. My new toy. And, yes, I did post about it on LJ previously, because I couldn’t get my admin area for WordPress to load on its tiny little browser. It even allows me to do voice posts from anywhere that has a wifi connection. 🙂

    You want to automatically post to both MySpace and MT? No such tool exists. There are some tools to put any arbitrary RSS feed into a Myspace profile page, but they all seem to rely on someone else’s server staying alive.

  3. Okay, your Geek Cred is improved, after not even having a cell phone or laptop when you were out.

    So, any idea how to get Mozilla’s ScribeFire to work with an MT blog?

  4. Hah hah smart ass. Like I didn’t already do that very thing. Five times. I’m talking about making that ACTUALLY work, instead of repeatedly telling me it’s unable to log on. }-P Geesh, you’re as much help as Mozilla’s supposed help forums. 🙂

  5. Well, the most likely issue is that our host has turned off access to that file, which is a common thing to do (security gibberish). Sadly, our host hasn’t replied to a tech support query for about six months now.

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