The Departed

I went to see The Departed this afternoon. Wow. It’s a long movie, with a great soundtrack and fine actors. Marky Mark and Matt Damon provide authentic Boston accents and DiCaprio’s was pretty good too, but Vera Farmiga’s came and went so often I was trying to figure out where she was supposed to be from. I forgave her because she showed off her bum.

Spoilers after the break…

What the hell was that, Hamlet? Not at all a feel-good movie, was it?

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2 thoughts on “The Departed”

  1. I haven’t seen that one, but I see that Over the Hedge is in your queue. Please let me know what you think of it. Fellow a class ahead of me at DLI was one of the compositors.

  2. The Boy and I watched Over the Hedge in the theater – it was pretty decent. Some of the scenes were especially well-done, although most of the animation wasn’t overly impressive or distracting.

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