I was keeping discussion on this JoeUser article in a friends-only post on LJ, but I’ve stopped worrying about offending people who cannot listen.

To recap for those who didn’t read it already: someone posted about abortion. One commenter pointed out that the Roman Empire prohibited abortion, even though they mandated killing deformed babies. I thought that was unlikely, so I did a 20-second Google search, and found that the Roman Empire didn’t forbid abortion until the Third Century. Silly me, I thought pointing out that the Romans (and Greeks and other ancient cultures) allowed abortion would be an interesting but minor factoid in the discussion.

Somehow, I’ve been accused of saying that abortion is acceptable and that the Roman Empire is a fantastic role model for modern ethics.

You have got to be freakin’ kidding me!

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2 thoughts on “AAAARRRRGH!”

  1. I particularly liked Dr. Guy’s response… “That is so lame! No you did not prove the legality. You proved the history of it. Laws, while they can be based upon history, are not constrained by history. Otherwise we would still have slavery.”

    I cannot help but believe he’s deliberately trying to confuse the issue. Sigh…

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