Battling Interviewers

Two recent interviews are interesting. Watching former President Clinton being grilled by Chris Wallace was entertaining, especially when compared or contrasted with the interview that President Bush did with Matt Lauer recently (sorry for not finding a full transcript of that one).

What I took away from these, and I did watch them both in their entirety, not just excerpts or transcripts from different sources, is that our current President hates people questioning his actions and has no response other than, “trust me.” In contrast, the former President hates people spreading misinformation about him and responds with voluminous facts to back up his perspective.

Regardless of how much respect one has for the intellects of these two men, the fact that our current head employee seems incapable of defending himself with facts is distressing.

I do wonder why Matt Lauer had to interview President Bush while standing up and being poked at by the President, while President Clinton got a comfy chair and a smirking Wallace. Neither of the interviewers seemed to believe their subjects assertions much. Makes you wonder why the men agreed to the interviews.

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