Changing Paradigms

A friend once mentioned that his children wondered why he called Hastings a record store – what are records? It goes even further afield when I think of my son. He doesn’t really deal with CDs even; it’s all a playlist to him. In fact, his current playlist is posted online, just because I’m that kind of geek.

Proving that he is definitely my son, notice the totally eclectic nature of his choices. It’s important to note that I only add songs to his playlist when he asks me to. He recently asked for the Ramones “I Wanna Be Sedated” and I was astonished to realize that I didn’t have that ripped yet – soon that will be rectified.

Seriously, what other child nearing his seventh birthday wants Harry Belafonte and Elvis Costello and The Beatles? What other child has even heard of Ozomatli? I have a cool kid.

UPDATE: As noted in comments, Alex’s mother also has very eclectic musical tastes. One of our earlier conversations when we first met was our mutual astonishment that the other had heard of, much less listened to, Ani DiFranco.

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9 thoughts on “Changing Paradigms”

  1. NO bluegrass, NO country, NO old time, sea chanties or celtic… just what are you teaching that boy???

  2. Hey, if he wants some Johnny Cash or Lyle Lovett, I’m all over it. I’ve even got some Clannad around somewhere, but sea chanties? Even I’m not that weird.

  3. Perhaps his eclectic taste in music (and other interests, too) can also be attributed to his mother. Hmmm. Was that Johnny Cash we listened to yesterday and NPR he went to sleep with? Yes, I believe it was.

  4. Ani Difranco? Ugh, Gary, I just almost lost some respect for you. 😉
    There’s no System of a Down or bagpipe bands on that list. How about some Chieftains? All kids like the Chieftains. 🙂

  5. Have you ever heard “Untouchable Face?” Bite me.

    There are no bagpipe bands in my collection, nor Chieftains. So, yeah. Deal with it.

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