Johnny Doesn’t Want to Read

[K]ids don’t read for pleasure. And because they don’t read, they are less able to navigate the language. If words are the coin of their thought, they’re working with little more than pocket change.

Writing Off Reading

Kids are graduating with incredibly high GPAs and can’t recognize words like “advocate.” Ouch.

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2 thoughts on “Johnny Doesn’t Want to Read”

  1. I’m sure you’ll be absolutely shocked to discover that aside from my “class,” the average GRE verbal score of my fellow grad students hovers around 450. Analytical? Pshaw, a mere 400.

  2. The article does state that SAT type scores are more trusted by some academics, since there’s no incentive to inflate them on the part of the College Board corporation. Of course, that fails to explain why SAT scores are so much higher on average today contrasted with twenty years ago, but it’s something anyway.

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