Pooh Problems

This case illustrates much that is incredibly wrong with the current de facto permanent copyright nonsense. A.A. Milne’s granddaughter is trying to wrest control of her dear grandpa’s “intellectual property” from the House of Mouse.

Clare Milne, who was not born when her grandfather died, sought to use a 1976 copyright law to terminate the prior licensing agreement and recapture ownership of the copyright.

So, exactly how does Clare’s assumption of her grandfather’s copyright in any way create an incentive for dear dead Mr. Milne to create more Pooh stories? Those darned zombie authors sure are busy.

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4 thoughts on “Pooh Problems”

  1. I actually think the House of Mouse has been writing new Pooh stories for a long time. As with most reasons (present day) for copyright, it’s all about the money.

  2. Ah, but that’s more about trademarks than copyrights. Disney holds the trademark rights to Pooh, and they have ghostwriters cranking out such drek as Piglet’s Big Movie. Meanwhile, Clare Milne has never written a thing except depositions and wants to control the Pooh empire? Nonsense.

  3. What is always missing in these stories is that poor Clare Milne probably doesn’t even know what’s going on, as several decades ago she was adjudged mentally incompetent under British Mental Health Act. It is her lawyer and receiver, Michael Joseph Coyne, and Disney that have cooked all this up.

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