Daily Archives: 2002.12.15

Southwest sucks

Southwest Airlines, one of the few profitable ones, sucks. OK, so this is the first time I’ve flown SWA that I can recall, but this sample of one is pretty bad.

Supposed to leave Tucson at 7:50, the plane we had was given away to another flight, and we would be delayed until 10 for a repair to a new plane. That repair was canned, and we were rerouted to another flight, going through Vegas. Finally arrived 5 hours late. And, what is with the “open seating” thing on SWA? That’s annoying as hell. People wandering around the plane like bums on a bus – “Is that seat open?”

At least I had time enough to recon my meeting location for tomorrow. Should be 7 minutes to get there, with traffic likely to be 30.
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