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Salary stuff

I got a call from a headhunter on Tuesday, talking about a one-year contract position here at the same compound I currently toil in, for 15 grand more than I make.
Today I got a call from the HR guy from another competitor here in the compound, and he was talking about 5 grand more than I make now, for a permanent position. This position, I’ve been told by the GS dude above us all, pays normally 17 grand more than my salary.
Meanwhile, TRW (current employer) has made it clear they plan to give me a decent raise this year, probably to the point that the competitor is offering (+5). Gee, I would change companies and all that involves and make no more money? duh

When I first came to TRW, fresh from 12 years in the army, they offered me what I thought was a decent salary, but a little lower than I’d hoped for. The next employee that got hired (with considerably less experience than I had) got paid more than me. And, as you may know, raises at the end of the year are percentages, not dollars. So, if I get 4% and newbie gets 4%, he still ends up ahead of me, with my longer experience and even longer experience with TRW itself. Hmmm… Doesn’t seem right, does it? TRW, for those not in the defense industry, has been infamous for being a cheap-ass company.
Now, after nearly two years (damn, it’s been that long?), I’ve got two offers on the table. Neither is solid yet, though. The Government guy that is the intell boss here told me how much the competitor (NG) is paying, and I should not sell myself short, as I did with TRW.
In the two years I’ve been here, I’ve proven time and again my ability to get shit done, accurately and ahead of schedule. The NG guy who recommended me for the position has a few months less experience at the testing center, although he was in the army 18 years longer than I. He gets paid about 17 grand more than I make, and when he worked for TRW never produced a single document or conducted a successful test. I, on the other hand, have produced dozens of documents and successfully tested a few elusive systems, covering two different intelligence disciplines. And NG offers me 5 grand?
TRW has done everything short of waving a flag at me to tell me that I’m getting a good raise this year. I figure I’ll end up with the same salary that NG is offering, but without pissing anyone off by changing companies. If not, the contract position pays a lot more. Yeah, it’s only for a year, but figure the odds that I won’t get a permanent position at the end of that time. And with an extra 10 grand, I think I could afford to take time off to find work. 🙂
So, more about the bizarre politics of defense contractors than you probably need to know. Have a day.
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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

While we stare unflinchingly at Hussein, with our secret confirmation that he’s lying, what should be happening around the world?
North Korea is restarting its breeder reactors and telling the UN to fuck off.

But, let’s worry about Iraq, they’re much more dangerous. Oh, and that promise to Afghanistan that we’d pick up the pieces after we blew up their country? We’ll think about it.

Gotta love international politics.